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I do not now how tall you are, but often shorter people feel they need a smaller sword. When you think back to the height of a

Japanese male in the time periods we are talking about it could be as low as 3’6” to 4’6”. If you where 5’6” you would be a real giant. So if they could draw this length of blade then so can you. Make your instructor spend the time helping you to perfect your drawing

technique. If he will not give you the time and help you need get another instructor



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C) Acknowledgments

Many thanks to

  • Graham Barton for expert advise on all historical Japanese sword details
  • My teacher Brian McCarthy for starting me on the journey in the martial arts and keeping me on the right track
  • To for Musashi information


110 samurai sword questions

In the full book there are another 110 samurai sword questions answer covering the below areas


1. Thinking of beginning


2. History, Tradition and Misconceptions


3. You Have Begun …


4. Signatures


5. Care, Cleaning and Restoration


6. The Polisher


7. The Shira Saya


8. The Military Sword


9. Yari


10. Martial Arts


11. Sword Polishing

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