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uncrossing his toes. If he does this you move from the corner of the room where you are observing your masters safety and quickly subdue or kill the samurai.

Let’s try again this time the samurai sits with his sword on the floor to his left cutting edge away from him what happens next? You tell me read the “When in seiza section”above) and think about it?


What would happen to you if you failed your master like this?

Read the Death before dishonour section to find out



Cutting power of the Japanese Katana

samurai drawing

A Japanese training film shows a sword cutting through a 30 cal. air-cooled U.S MG B1 (machine gun mounted on a tripod) I cannot think of a more effective demonstration of cutting power can you. Through out Japanese history there are accounts of swords cutting through helmets, cutting down horses and cutting men in half. In short there is no sword to match the cutting power of the Japanese katana. That’s not to say other swords from different countries and periods were not effective in the historical time slot they were used in.

Here is a great story / legend

Supposedly a samurai ambassador visiting Europe was asked why he carried 2 swords, didn’t he feel that one was enough. At this point the samurai asked those present to donate 5 blades for a demonstration. The 5 blades were bundled together. He quickly drew his blade and cut through all the blades as if they where straw.

Is this true or a great story I do not know? But I like it. I can just see the look on the Europeans faces, as their weapons are rendered useless.

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