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Example of different sword types

While you are looking at these different sword types see if you can decide if the sword owner trusts you refer to the basic sword etiquette section



Shirasaya Katana


Traditional sword case for storage of precious blades in maple wood saya scabbard. The maple wood absorbs the moisture and prevents the blade deteriorating


Standard Katana

Standard Katana

Average Japanese sword sizes KATANA: Blade Length--67cm (27")

Overall Length----97cm (39")


Tachi Katana

Tachi Katana


The Tachi katana was worn by war loads and generals and was highly decorative to show their power and position. Itís blade has a greater curve. This makes it more effective to cut down onto the enemy from horse back



Close up shot of the handle and fittings giving an idea of the highly decorative nature of the Tachi


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