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Sword Glossary part 2

Mune Machi: Notch on the back ridge of the blade.

Mon: Heraldic device denoting family line; a crest.

Mune Yaki: Tempered patches on back ridge.

Mekugi: The peg which secures the blade in the handle.

Mekugi Ana: The peg hole.

Nito Ryu: Also Niten Ryu, the two sword school; two sword technique.

Nakago: The tang of the blade.

Namban: Foreign, as in Namban Tetsu, foreign steel.

Naginata: A glaive; a curved blade mounted in a pole; pole arm.

Saya: The scabbard for the sword.

Sageo: Sword scabbard cord, sword knot.

Same: Ray skin, sea ray used as grip wrapping.

Shakudo: Black obtained when certain alloy of copper is pickled.

Shibuichi: Four to one alloy of copper and silver, light tan colour.

Shinogi: Side ridge of a Japanese sword.

Shinsa: Sword judging.

Shinto: New Sword, a blade that dates between 1596 and 1800.

Shirasaya: White wood scabbard, a wood storage case for a sword.

Tameshigiri: Cutting test.

Tanto: Small dagger, blade length under 12 inches.

Tetsu: Steel, sword steel.

Uchiko: A cleaning powder made for cleaning oil from swords.

Wakizashi: The short sword from 12 to 24 inches blade blade length.

Yari: A spear, a pole arm, usually not thrown.


The best glossary available in English is that found in William Hawley's swordsmith's books.



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