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I have no parents;

I make the heavens and the earth my parents,

I have no home;

I make 'saika tanden' (abdominal region) my home.

I have no divine power; I make honesty my divine power.

I have no means;

I make docility my means. I have no magic power;

I make personality my magic power. I have neither life nor death; I make 'a um' (art of regulating one's breath) my life and death.

I have no body;

I make stoicism my body. I have no eyes; I make the flash of lightening my eyes. I have no ears;

I make sensibility my ears. I have no limbs; I make promtitude my limbs. I have no laws;

I make self - protection my laws. I have no strategy; I make 'sakkatsu jizai' (free to kill and free to restore life) my strategy. I have no designs;

I make 'kisan' (taking opportunity by the forelock ) my designs. I have no miracles; I make righteous laws my miracles. I have no principles; I make 'rinkiohen' (adaptablility to all circumstances my principles. I have no tactic;

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I make 'kyojitsu' (emptiness and fullness) my tactics. I have no talent;

I make 'toi skumyo' (ready wit) my talent. I have no friends; I make my mind my friend. I have no enemy; I make incautiousness my enemy. I have no armor; I make 'jin-gi' (benevolence and righteousness) my armor. I have no castle; I make ' fudoshin' (immovable mind) my castle. I have no sword;

I make 'mushin' (absence of mind) my sword

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