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made themselves which where basic but effective and generally a tad shorter and a tad straighter. Just remember that nothing about the ninja is set in stone .


Q: Can I polish my own sword?

A: I have already answered this but letís put it in context.

If you want to polish your blade get yourself a 3 year apprenticeship with a Japanese sword polisher then fork out £1000 plus on stones then you can start. Sounds not so easy now? So do not do it get someone who is qualified to do it for you



Dear Andrew

Subject: Cutting Swords

Studying Tang Soo Do and can't source a good Korean sword. Would

be happy with a Katana with fairly long blade. Lots of display

swords around, and a few 'practice' swords. Do any of your swords

stand up to cutting exercises? I'm not talking tree trunks or

paving blocks, just straw and bamboo.

Any ideas where to look. Looking for a good all round sword, beauty

less important than practicality (yeah I know, not very Japanese

in thinking, sorry the price I pay for being an Occidental local

government worker)


Best Regards



Dear Larry

I recommend that you purchase a cheaper katana with 440 stainless

steel blade. My logic is as follows

1) You are inexperienced and the task you have set your self is

very hard. In the process the blade and scabbard will get damaged.

2) The blade will get scratched.500 years ago not a problem just

re polish the blade. Today a task not possible to the average person.

(NOTE blades would get scratched performing this exercise due to the sharp brittle nature of the prepared straw and also from the broken edges of bone in combat historically)

3) The blade I recommend will defiantly do the task. But you may not achieve your goal quickly. Sorry but this is the top end of sword

training and is normally attempted at the end of a long training process of bokken work, sword draws and sword cuts. I am not saying that you will not do it, but letting you know that it will be a tough process. This is honesty as a pose to hype.



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