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4) Therefore do not buy an expensive sword (not good for business but the truth is the truth) The sword I recommend is the Iato Katana it will cost approx £120 to 140.Has standard katana length

blade and handle. Open crane guard (tsuba) Aluminium scabbard in lacquered black finish (saya) black binding on handle, black saya scabbard, decorative pommel and menuki. This was the first sword I trained with for the first 8 years of my training before moving up to a better sword. This is very much a beginnerís sword invest more money later when you have the skill and knowledge to make the most of it.


Andrew Thomas



Thanks for the honesty. I was looking for a 'better' sword as a result of advice I'd had elsewhere, one of whom was trying to sell me a £700 sword because new students are harder on them and need the quality. His advice was that until I'd trained for some time I would lack the skill required to get away with cheaper swords. Iíve only just started sword training, but have been around martial arts long enough to know that no one who jumps the queue gets very far. So I thought worrying about cutting was bit premature, as most student as you rightly point out spend their early time with the bokken developing basic technique before moving on to a bladed weapon .So, Iím happy to follow your advice, and if the sword you're recommending served you so well, then please send me the link. Also please put me on your e-mail list for your news line. Again thanks for the honesty; I'll no doubt buy one in the future.



Subject shortening sword


I am a Japanese sword student in London; I own a very nice sword however it is about 1 and half inches to long. Can you recommend anywhere I can? take my sword to get it shortened.


Ms H.


Hi Ms H

I do not recommend shortening it.


The exact size of the katana is a bit of a myth

In reality the katana size varied over the centuries

Also some sword schools preferred longer katana's to others



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