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A) Delivering the promise

B) Questions and answers

C) Acknowledgments



Delivering the promise

When you bought this work we promised the following

The Japanese sword began its life how and when Done
The proper way to handle an historical blade Done
Famous Sword Smiths Done
Masamune who is he why is he important Done
The golden age of sword making Done
Japanese Historical Era to Sword Era Done
Katana Samurai sword blade labeled Done
Before the Katana Done
The three basic types of Japanese blades Done
Daisho what does it mean Done
Sheathed Katana in scabbard (saya) Done
Japanese sword Forging techniques Done
Sword forging process illustrated Done
The gruesome act of sword testing Done
Myth of the left handed Samurai swordsman Done
How to hold the sword (Katana) correctly ? Done

Basic sword etiquette Done
How to Pass the sword correctly Done
Tales of Cutting power of the Japanese Katana Done
Death before dishonour Done
Armour design and penetration Done
The myth of blood grooves Done
Example of different sword types including :-

Shirasaya, Standard Katana,Tachi Katana,

wakishashi and daisho Done


B) Question and answers


People regular ask me about polishing their own swords

In short do not do it. It is a very skilled job and you will ruin your blade


The same goes for sharpening the blade trust me on these

2 THINGS DO NOT DO IT especially if it is a historical blade.





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