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The Art of War- AUDIO
For those of you to lazy to read the above book
A set of three compact discs offering an audio presentation of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War". It seeks to bring western listeners one step closer to the enigmatic heart of thi s classic of strategy, and should be of interest to business people, martial artists and students of eastern philosophy

Samurai Sourcebook
A study of Samurai history an d culture. It features a detailed section on arms nd armour, including the evolution and construction of samurai armour, the Japanese bow, the Samurai sword and polearms -plus the technology and deployment of explosives and gunpowder weapons. Strategy and tactics are explained, with details of command structures, the raising of armies, campaign life, the role of the castle, the characteristics of Japanese battles and the rituals and other consequences of battle. A catalogue of every major battle and siege f rom 940 to 1638 is followed by specific case studies examining such subjects as personal combat and guerrilla warfare. Further sections cover religion and the Samurai, Bushido and Harakiri, and a special section presents material on the heraldry used by th e samurai.

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