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A few good books

If you have found a particle book helpful then let me know and I will include it here.


The Samurai Sword: Handbook
I was once told "If you are interested in buying a real samurai sword buy this book read it once and then read it again and again." There is probably no other book, in english, that has as much info on antique samurai blades as this book. A must for anyone interested in sword collecting or even a serious martial artist.

Deity and the Sword Volume 1

A good book on swordsmanship is the "Deity and the sword" Katori Shinton Ryu by Risuke Otake. This book has hundreds of clear pictures detailing sword dr awing and cuting techniques. It is a real collectors item now. Go to the above link and check it out

Legends of the Samurai
In Legends of the Samurai, Sato confronts bo th the history and the legend of the samurai, untangling the two to present an authentic picture of these legendary warriors. Through his masterful translations of authentic samurai tales, Hiroaki Sato demonstrates the changing ethos of the Japanese warrio r: the samurai transforms through the centuries from a personal attendant to a warrior to a political leader and finally into a legend

Sword and Spirit (Classical Warrior ...
Read this book to gain a further insight into the ancient fighting traditions of Japan. “I am into the martial arts (mainly Judo and Aikido) and so have some knowledge of ancient Japanese unarmed combat but limited knowledge on the armed side of it. This book was interesting and informative and gave me the insight I sought”

The Art of War
This is the classic masterpiece on military strategy written originally in 5 B C. There are many versions of this book available I recommend this version forwarded by James Clavell for it's clarity. If you study any martial art then you MUST read this


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