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Japanese armour

Japanese armour construction

This work is all about Japanese swords. However I give you a few pictures of Japanese armour to study to give you an idea of how well protected the samurai where during battle.


The art of Japanese armour construction and development has been practiced for well over a thousand years. The earliest known examples of armor were excavated from the dolman burial mounds of the 4th to 8th centuries AD and exhibit even at this early period a high level of functional craftsmanship

The samurai would wear a long robe called a kimono with a divided skirt called a hakama tied at the waist by an obi (sash /belt). On top of this the armour would be placed .The Japanese name for armour is( Yoroi ). The Yoroi was both mobile and strong. Obviously the main purpose of the armour was protection. The more elaborate the armour the more important the samurai. Also armour could be used to identify famous samurai and announce their presence


The body armour is made of scales called Kozane

The Kozane are made of strips of leather and metal with coats of lacquer. Held together or in place by lacing. The lacing could be made from silk or leather.

The Kozane are put together in boards. The boards are of varying lengths and when put together form parts of the armour and helmet


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