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Miyamoto Musashi in Fiction

Yoshikawa Eiji's famous novel Musashi originally serialized in Asahi Shinbun prior to World War Two is more or less based on historical events with added fictitious characters. The comic book Vagabond is based on this novel. The movies Samurai I, II, and III are based on the novel Musashi and are regarded as Japan's Gone With the Wind. They star the long-term collaborator of Akira Kurosawa, Toshiro Mifune as Musashi.

The Neo-Geo game Musashi Ganryuki (known outside Japan as Ganryu) was based on Musashi's fight with Sasaki Ganryu Kojiro.

There is also a movie by director Ryuhei Kitamura called Aragami about a tired Musashi, whose skills are explained by his being a deity of war, an aragami, who wishes to be killed by a worthy warrior.





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