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Sword forging process illustrated part 1


Sword forging process

Here the Steel is Heated before the traditional forging process in a charcoal fire


folded many times

After the steel is hammered out, it is cut in half and then folded many times.


hammered Welded together

The folded steel is then hammered. Welded together, as the forging process continues.


begins to shape the blade


The smith then begins to shape the blade with a hand held hammer.


shaped by hand hamon


After forging, the blade is shaped by hand and then coated with clay to produce the traditional o-midari hamon, prior to the hardening process.


quenched in water

After the claying of the blade, it is heated to about 1450 degrees and then quenched in water. This process creates the martensite edge and pearlite body of the sword.



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